Jack Detsch


Jack Detsch is a writer, radio journalist, and researcher in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Honors Thesis: "The Archipelago State: Perceptions of State Failure and Alternative Systems of Governance in Somalia."

Utilizing Somalia and the ineffectiveness of nation-building efforts since 1991 as a case study, this analysis interrogates the viability of the state failure diagnosis based on four analytical lenses: geography, politics, history, and terrorism. Current analyses unjustly focus on the last 50 years, the only period in Somalia’s history in which it has resembled a nation-state. The country’s political borders are merely symbolic; in practice, sub-state actors dominate the provision of violence and political goods along clan-based lines. The lessons of Somalia are clear: it is possible to avert future failures during the process of nation building by creating realistic political goals calibrated to development. 

China's "Middle Kingdom" Strategy

For my National Security course in for the Fall 2012 semester, I wrote my final paper on China's "Middle Kingdom" strategy, with particular reference to the use of the doctrine in formulating policy toward North Korea. 

Sophomore Final Paper: "Reversing China's Chokehold on Rare Earth Elements."

For my Globalization and National Security course in the Spring of 2011, I wrote a final paper focusing on China's global monopoly on rare earth elements, which are used in a variety of high-tech devices, from smart phones to car batteries, and how countries like the United States and Japan can work to reverse the chokehold. 

The Age of Austerity: A New European Security Rises

As a research intern at the Streit Council for a Union of Democracies, I wrote a lengthy research paper on the impacts of austerity in Europe on defense policy.