Jack Detsch


Jack Detsch is a writer, radio journalist, and researcher in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I serve as an Editorial Assistant for the Diplomat Magazine, a Tokyo-based online publication covering current events in the Asia-Pacific region. 

I serve as an Editorial Assistant for the Diplomat Magazine, a Tokyo-based online publication covering current events in the Asia-Pacific region. 

Published Work

The Rise of Military Robot R&D: A Global Phenomenon

The age of Reaper and Predator drones is beginning to feel like ancient history. (5/22/2015)

Are We Exaggerating China's Cyber Threat?

A new Harvard report suggests that China may not be much of a threat to U.S. cybersecurity. Is that really the case? (5/20/2015)

10th Fleet's the Charm? US Navy Looks to Beef Up Cyber Capabilities

The U.S. Navy’s nascent 10th fleet plans to beef up its ability to fight off cyber intruders. Will that be enough? (5/19/2015)

Is US Drone Warfare Here to Stay?

The CIA’s targeted killing program might be in jeopardy. (5/8/2015)

Are Afghanistan's Police Safe?

The killing of 18 officers in Northeastern Afghanistan once again calls into question the safety of Afghan policemen. (5/8/2015)

Former US Commander in Afghanistan Tapped to Lead Joint Chiefs

President Obama plans to nominate Marine General Joseph Dunford as the next joint chief of staff of the U.S. military. (5/5/2015)

China's Vineyard's Experience Massive Growth

China now has more space dedicated to growing wine than France. But Chinese wine is still far from being en vogue. (5/5/2015)

'The Look of Silence' Digs Into Indonesia’s Massacres

Director Joshua Oppenheimer’s follow up to 2012’s “The Act of Killing” takes a more intimate look at the Indonesian massacres of the 1960s. (5/2/2015)

Can Shinzo Abe Inspire Silicon Valley's Dynamism in Japan?

In a speech at Stanford University today, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe lauded California’s culture of innovation. Can he bring that spirit back to Japan? (5/1/2015)

India's Growing Muslim Population: A Political Challenge?

India’s Muslim community will become the world’s biggest by midcentury, according to a new study. (5/1/2015)

With Trade and Terrorism in Mind, Ghani Visits India

On his first state visit to India, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani pushed for closer trade and defense ties. (4/30/2015)

China Is Building Giant Floating Islands in the South China Sea

A new report reveals China’s plans for 1,000,000 ton battle stations in the South China Sea. (4/24/2015)

Is Karachi's Biggest Party on the Ropes?

Pakistan’s MQM faces an increasingly difficult set of challenges to hold onto power in the country’s biggest city. (4/23/2015)

Can Pakistan's 'Burka Avenger' Score Fans in India?

Pakistan’s popular cartoon superhero is coming to India. Will audiences follow? (4/23/2015)

China’s Grand Plan for Pakistan’s Infrastructure

President Xi Jinping has inked a deal with Islamabad that could provide Beijing with direct access to the Indian Ocean. (4/21/2015)

India and Canada: A Match Made in Heaven?

On the last leg of his three-country tour, India’s Prime Minister has a lofty agenda. Did his visit succeed? (4/17/2015)

In Germany, Modi Pitches 'Make in India'

Will the Indian prime minister’s “Make in India” message resonate in Europe’s biggest industrial power? (4/15/2015)

Can OlaCabs Corner India's Ride-Sharing Market?

With Uber still trying to resuscitate its image after an alleged rape, can OlaCabs go for the jugular? (4/10/2015)

Sim Bhullar Becomes the NBA's First Indian Player

The NBA welcomed its first Indian player this week. But can he help the league attract an audience in the subcontinent? (4/10/2015)

Interview: Daniel Markey

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s extraordinarily successful trip to Washington, and the new outlook for Afghanistan. (4/2/2015)

Afghanistan's Peace Talks: At a Geopolitical Crossroads

With the U.S. refocusing its role in Afghanistan, China and Pakistan are leading the push for talks with the Taliban. (4/2/2015)

Why Pakistan Is Footing the Bill for Afghan Army Training

Afghanistan has sent six cadets to undergo training in Abbottabad. What does it mean for relations with Pakistan? (4/1/2015)

Meet Pakistan's Newest Political Odd Couple

Pakistan’s MQM and PPP are now partners in Sindh province. (3/26/2015)

China's Tencent and Alibaba in Silicon Valley Arms Race

China’s biggest tech firms are making big bets in Silicon Valley. Will it work? (3/26/2015)

Is the US War in Afghanistan Actually Over?

The Obama Administration plans to keep bases in Kandahar and Jalalabad open through 2015 and beyond. (3/25/2015)

Pakistan's Biggest City Crippled By Politics

After last week’s arrests of Muttahida Qaumi Movement leaders, political violence could surge in Karachi. (3/18/2015)

The Uncertain Fight Ahead for Afghanistan

U.S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter seemed impressed by Afghan troops in a recent visit to Kabul. (3/18/2015)

Who Is the Republican Party's Leading Iran Skeptic

The youngest member of the Senate has become the Republican’s bulwark on Iran. Why him? (3/17/2015)

How Much Does India Really Need Iran?

India has ceded to U.S. demands to reduce oil ties with Iran until an agreement is reached. Can they afford to do it? (3/11/2015)

Ahead of Abe Visit, Pressure Builds For Obama on TPP

The clock is ticking for the Obama administration to get the TPP past Congress. (3/10/2015)

Preserving History: Lessons from Afghanistan and Iraq

ISIS’s destruction of sacred historical monuments deserves condemnation. But it is part of a broader and older problem. (3/10/2015)

Afghanistan's Women Strive for Political Influence

All three of President’s Ashraf Ghani’s female cabinet picks have been rejected by parliament. (2/28/2015)

Will Bangladesh's Democracy Fall Apart?

Former Prime Minister and opposition leader Khaleda Zia has a warrant out for her arrest. (2/27/2015)

Is Pakistan's 'War on Terror' Out of Time?

With Washington’s patience and money fading, is time running out for Pakistan’s offensive against domestic terrorism? (2/24/2015)

India's Submarine Program Continues to Struggle

India has long recognized the need to beef up its submarine capability. That process is not going smoothly. (2/16/2015)

China Boosts Submarine Fleets for Indian Ocean Allies

China is equipping its allies for the underwater struggle for supremacy in the Indian Ocean. (2/13/2015)

One Year After Election, Violence Persists in Bangladesh

A year after disputed elections threw Bangladesh into turmoil, a call for boycotts from the opposition has led to renewed violence. (2/7/2015)

How Obama's Defense Budget Impacts Asia

The Pentagon’s 2016 budget plans to make good on President Obama’s pivot to Asia, but it may be nipped in the bud by Congress. (2/5/2015)

Lawsuit Pushes Uber Off the Road in India

A woman allegedly raped by her New Delhi-based driver has filed suit against the ride service giant. (2/2/2015)

The Mixed Consequences of Sino-Indian Competition in the Indian Ocean

China and India’s rivalry threatens peace in the Indian Ocean basin. It’s also sparking a needed flood of development. (1/28/2015)

Bangladesh: Asia's New Energy Superpower?

After a favorable UN settlement in June, Bangladesh stumbled upon a wealth of energy. Will investors buy in? (11/14/2014)

Chinese Investors Fuel California Housing Bubble 

Wealthy Chinese are gobbling up real estate in the Bay Area, but local opposition and an impending bubble signal danger. (8/16/2014)

With Pricey Naval Revamp, Bangladesh Can't Afford to Fail 

Can Bangladesh, one of the world’s poorest countries, afford not to revamp its fledgling Navy? (11/23/2013)

Pakistan’s Oversized Submarine Ambitions

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has promised a modernized submarine fleet. It’s unlikely to materialize. (10/9/2013)

US and Chinese Interests Align in Pakistan

Despite their intensifying rivalry elsewhere, Pakistan is ripe for US-China cooperation. (9/24/2013)

Asia Will Bear the Brunt of New Iran Sanctions

Renewed U.S. efforts to sanction Iran’s nuclear program could jeopardize Asia energy markets. (8/8/2013)

The "Brain Trust" Behind Iran's New President

The Center for Strategic Research will be instrumental in helping Hassan Rouhani confront Iran’s many challenges. (8/3/2013)

As the Bazaar Goes, So Goes Iran

Will the election of Hassan Rouhani revive Iran’s struggling mercantile community? (7/11/2013) 

Iran Is Deeply Unpopular, Except Among Asia’s Muslims

Muslim-majority Asian countries are some of the only places where Iran is viewed favorably. Why? (6/15/2013)

I contribute periodically to KQED's NewsFix blog, which covers breaking news and local events in the San Francisco Bay Area and around California. 

I contribute periodically to KQED's NewsFix blog, which covers breaking news and local events in the San Francisco Bay Area and around California. 

How the Top-Two Primary Played Out in Congressional Races

Low turnout, a new primary system, and statewide contests may have dominated election night headlines in California, but congressional races taking place around the state also offered plenty of intrigue. These races in particular caught our eye. (6/4/2014)

East Bay Water District Eyes Emergency Supply From Sacramento River

With the reality that rainfall and the Sierra Nevada snowpack will be far short of normal this year, the East Bay’s largest water district is getting ready to tap an emergency water source that it took decades of legal battles and engineering work to secure. (3/13/2014)

Price Tag for October Shutdown of California National Parks: More Than $22 Million

The 16-day government shutdown last October was a significant economic blow to the Bay Area and communities near other California national parks. But Pinnacles National Park, the newest in the country, actually saw a slight increase in visitors. (3/4/2014) 

Outgoing Official: Caltrans Should Have Reported Bay Bridge Leaks Earlier

A retiring official from Caltrans, the agency in charge of construction on the new span of the Bay Bridge, concedes that it should have informed the public about leaks sooner. (2/19/2014) 

Attorney General Kamala Harris Declares Bid for Re-Election

State Attorney General Kamala Harris launched her re-election bid at San Francisco City Hall Wednesday with the prospect of an unusually comfortable race. So far, California’s first female top lawyer is running completely unopposed. (2/13/2014) 

Five Northern California Olympians to Watch in Sochi

California is well-represented during the Winter Olympics. About a third of the 30 or so Golden State hopefuls have Bay Area ties. Five of the locals are considered podium contenders over the next two weeks of sliding, gliding, leaping, and pratfalling. (2/7/2014) 

Activists Protesting Keystone XL Pipeline Arrested in San Francisco

Police arrested 28 environmental activists blockading San Francisco’s Federal Building Wednesday. The group was protesting the proposed Keystone XL pipeline on the first day of public comment related to the State Department’s final environmental report on the project. (2/6/2014) 

I serve as Communications Coordinator for Global Risk Insights, a political risk-focused blog based out of the London School of Economics. 

I serve as Communications Coordinator for Global Risk Insights, a political risk-focused blog based out of the London School of Economics. 

How Al Qaeda is Losing the Battle for Hearts and Minds

With the death of Omar Hammami, an Alabama-born Somali militant, Al Qaeda recruitment efforts in the West are a diminishing security threat. (10/7/2013)