Jack Detsch


Jack Detsch is a writer, radio journalist, and researcher in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Monocle 24

For Monocle 24, a round-the-clock radio station focused on international affairs, business, design, and culture based in London, I contribute opinion and commentary with an eye on the state of the nation.

San Francisco on the 4th of July (aired on Monocle 24: July 4, 2014):

Even on Independence Day, San Franciscans find reality, as experienced in the rest of the U.S., to be a rare thing. 

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World Cup Alternative Anthems: United States (aired on Monocle 24: July 1, 2014):

Bruce Springsteen's 1983 classic "Born in the U.S.A." has become enshrined by many Americans as an alternative national anthem. But the meaning of the controversial hit is different for everyone. 

KCRW Public Radio

For KCRW's 2nd annual Radio Race, a 24-hour competition to produce a documentary radio feature, Nora Elmeligy and I wrote and produced a piece discussing the diminishing amount of space to live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area.

You Should Know How to Use Your Space (prepared for KCRW Public Radio: August 3, 2014):

What can you do to maximize the way you use space in crowded cities?

KQED Public Radio

At KQED, the NPR affiliate in the San Francisco Bay Area, I have written dozens of stories for local newscasts. You can read all of the scripts I have written for broadcast here.

Juvie Records (aired on KQED Public Radio: May 21, 2014):

East Bay Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner and Oakland Mayor Jean Quan are among those pushing to eliminate the fee charged to keep juvenile records sealed.

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Immigrant Licensing (aired on KQED Public Radio: May 12, 2014):

A bill recently passed by the California State Senate would make it easier for undocumented immigrants to get professional licenses.

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HIV Cuts (prepared for KQED Public Radio: May 8, 2014):

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee agrees to a Board of Supervisors request to backfill $2.7 million in HIV/AIDS services cut from the federal budget.

Children's Hospital-Labor (aired on KQED Public Radio: May 1, 2014):

Unionized interns and residents at Children's Hospital Oakland want a federal mediator to get involved in talks with the hospital which have apparently soured.

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Career Colleges (aired on KQED Public Radio: April 22, 2014):

California's state auditor finds that oversight of private career colleges has not protected students from fraud and deception.

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BART Future Trains (aired on KQED Public Radio: April 17, 2014):

BART unveils its “fleet of the future model train car,” but disabled advocates aren't happy with the design.

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Bay Area Europe (aired on KQED Public Radio: April 15, 2014):

One of the Bay Area’s leading business lobbying groups says the region's ties with Europe are getting stronger.

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Keith Jackson (aired on KQED Public Radio: April 1, 2014):

Keith Jackson, a high profile defendant in the FBI corruption sting that led to State Senator Leland Yee’s arrest appears in federal court. Jackson, a consultant, had established himself as a political heavyweight in San Francisco.

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Tech Bus Vote (aired on KQED Public Radio: April 1, 2014):

San Francisco's Board of Supervisors prepares to vote on whether companies like Apple, Google and Facebook can use city bus stops for employee shuttles.

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